From Courty C. 6/24/15 

The wine sample flight was an impressive selection of white, rose, and red, with two out of the three having a hint of bubbles.  It truly showcased the passion of the business owners as well as the relaxed casual vibe they want to impart. I took a page from another Yelper’s book and ordered myself a sangria flight and was not disappointed. It was a very affordable price, being less than 10 dollars and is basically fruity summer vibes in a glass. I have been to other wine flight restaurants, and you cannot beat the prices. Being a beer girl at heart, I was also excited to learn Carpe Diem has a good local draft selection. I could see this being a great venue for showers, birthdays, even demure bachelorette parties.


From Simone D. 6/22/15 

“Unpretentious simple elegance” – Robyn hit the nail right on the head.

Carpe Diem is a large venue that not only held all (25?) of us, but still had room (and outdoor seating) for many more.

Robyn and Barbara are very hands on in how they run their business and you can tell they truly love what they do. They seem to balance each other well–Robyn being more outgoing and Barbara being more likely to talk to smaller groups of people. They’re a lot of fun!

While the wine flights are lovely, the cheese is also the star of the show. The dried cranberries, apricots, olives, crackers, etc all paired really well with each other. My favorite was the red dragon paired with the apricot jam on top of a cracker. It was a bite of heaven.


From Brett F. 6/23/15 

Carpe Diem just opened on New Year’s Eve, but you would never know it. It’s a spacious, polished, unpretentious wine bar less than 20 minutes from Portland. For me personally it’s well worth the drive to avoid the parking nightmare of the Old Port and I can’t wait to return.

Carpe Diem easily held our group of 25. Robyn and Barb were extremely gracious hosts and perfectly explained their concept. This is the only Portland area wine flight bar that I’m aware of, and it’s a great chance to experiment. The flight presented to us included one sample that even red wine haters could embrace, in addition to two refreshing whites. The never ending parade of cheeses (mmm mustardy dragon cheese), crackers, olives and cakes were the ideal compliment to the wines.

This is the type of bar you could easily spend three hours at, relaxing to flights of wine and chatting with the friendly owners before grabbing a slice of pizza across the street (Otto will be open soon). I will be returning.


From Christa H. 6/23/15 

Babs and Blabs are the best! This event was one of my favorites in my tenure as an elite. I had no idea Carpe Diem even existed until I showed up last night. It’s a great space with tons of seating and plenty of wine. How can you go wrong? The owners were one of the reasons this event was so fun. They really care about their business and they want it to succeed. They came over individually to our table and asked us for assistance on how to better market their business and they seemed to genuinely appreciate our feedback.

The wine was really great. I’m not a red wine person but the lambrusco in the flight may have changed my mind just a little bit. It was really fruity and tasty. I want to go back and try the sangria flight! I could totally see coming back here. It wasn’t that far of a drive from Portland and they have parking! That’s a huge plus in my book.



From Rachel D. 6/23/15

The owners of Carpe Diem were truly the stars at last nights’ event! I loved their attitude and they were so hospitable, tiara and all! We all felt truly at home at Carpe Diem, and we were treated like royalty.

The wine flights were a treat and the cheese bar was the icing on the cake! I very much enjoyed the Lambrusco and the Vinho Verde. I think wine flights are one of my new favorite things (given I’m not a huge beer drinker). I’d go back to Carpe Diem any day!

I am definitely recommending this spot to all my friends. I can’t wait to come back to mix and match some wine flights!


From Cookie T. 6/23/15 

Carpe Diem is homey and laid back – and exactly what I would want in a wine bar. The concept of wine can feel really pretentious, and this place works to ease you out of that mindset. It’s warm and relaxing, and the staff, while knowledgeable – never made me feel stupid.


From Kristi H 5 star 2/12/15

Pleasant calming atmosphere, great tapas selection, Wine Flights were awesome !! Greeted by the friendly owner who is knowledgeable and passionate about what she does! Check it out!

 From Julie M  5 star 2/19/15

 Loved my first visit to Carpe Diem! Great wine, beer and food. Gluten free options too! Great service, relaxing environment. Check it out!

From Mike L  5 star  1/16/15 

Tasteful renovation of the royal bean coffee shop. Nice to have a casual comfortable place to have an excellent glass of wine and eats at the end of a busy day. See you tonight?